Birthday Parties

Freedom Station is perfect for hosting parties of all kinds. Our Special Events Team will help you plan, coordinate and customize the party to fit your needs. We clean up the mess while you and your kids have fun!

Perfect for Groups

Freedom Station has packages for groups that give our guests the right combination of meeting space, fun, games and food to create the event your group needs. This is the perfect place to have your group event. Great for team building.

Dippin’ Dots

Everyone remembers their first Dippin’ Dots experience – the chill of the first bite and the explosion of flavor as the dots begin to melt in. It’s no surprise that Dippin’ Dots is the number one ice cream for fun.

Empire Cafe

Our menu offers a variety of appetizers, kids meals, burgers, salads, and of course our delicious pizza! Plus we offer beverages for both kids and adults to satisfy your appetite.